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Tax Services

Boudreaux, Henderson & Company, LLP provides tax planning and preparation services for clients including individuals, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, trusts and exempt organizations. Our research and return capabilities are supported by the best technology available in computer systems and software. By making significant investments in such resources, we are able to provide our clients with timely, accurate and effective responses to their tax needs.

Our knowledge and training in tax matters and our awareness of new developments and emerging issues enable us to develop effective tax planning techniques that help our clients achieve their objectives and experience the best possible tax result.

We strive to provide review and compilation services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Financial statements are the foundation for measuring performance and should be accurate and timely. Since different businesses have different needs, we offer two levels of financial statement services, each providing different degrees of assurance.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Review Services

We can review your financial statements and express limited assurance that they are prepared in accordance with GAAP. We will make certain inquiries of company management and personnel to gain an understanding of your organization. We will use analytical procedures designed to identify trends within your organization and highlight potential areas for improvement.

We can compile your financial statements on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We take time to become familiar with your business as well as the accounting practices common to your industry. This allows us to provide you with valuable information that can be used in your daily management decisions.

Compilation Services

“The thing that impresses me most about Boudreaux, Henderson & Company, LLP is that they do so much more for you than just traditional accounting.  Their performance management concepts have literally changed the way our company runs.”

Jacques Hebert
Streamline Industries, LLC