Are you concerned about fraud? Are you concerned about confidentiality? Do you desire the safeguards that outsourcing can provide? Have your financial matters become a burden you find hard to bear?

If these problems hit home with you, CFO to Go may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Our CFO to GO! service is the outsourcing of your company’s finance function, ranging from basic to high-end services – or a combination of both. CFO to Go offers you as few, or as many, of the functions you would get from hiring a full-time accountant or CFO – without actually having to hire one.

Our CFO to Go services are easily customized, and are ideal for small, medium and large businesses – and even individuals. The beauty of CFO to Go is that it lifts the burden of dealing with complicated financial functions off your shoulders and frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business. All in all, CFO to Go is definitely the way to go for outsourcing your finance function.
You get personal, confidential service that’s timely, accurate and customized to meet your unique needs.
Our basic CFO to Go services include payroll preparation, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Our payroll services include maintenance of personnel files, preparation of employee paychecks, calculating required payroll tax deposits and payments, preparing payroll tax returns and coordinating payroll audits. High-end services are much more comprehensive and fill the need for a full-time CFO on a temporary basis. By outsourcing these functions, your company improves internal controls and frees internal resources for other purposes.

Ricky Armentor, Owner
Armentor Glass Works, LLC

“When I started my new business, I couldn’t afford a bookkeeper. My financial issues started to get pretty messy and confused. Then I found out about CFO to Go. What a lifesaver! They helped me in so many ways – and I ended up saving money on the deal.”
You have unique needs – that’s why we will work with you one-on-one (or with your attorney, broker, insurance agent or other professional advisor) to find the best solutions for your individual financial situation. We provide very personal service for clients seeking assistance in bill paying, bank reconciliation and day-to-day financial activities. In addition, if you have a family member who is unable to handle such responsibilities we can take care of those matters with the utmost competence and efficiency. We would be happy to handle any and all of your personal financial needs – freeing you to spend your valuable time on other matters.

CFO to Go is a reliable, secure solution to your accounting and other financial needs. Let us show you how we can help your business run more smoothly, efficiently and profitably – and take the worry out of your finance function.