Support Services

From outsourcing of your finance function with our CFO to GO! Program to financial staffing and the latest accounting technology – we provide support services that meet or exceed your needs and expectations. All of our services are designed to ensure confidentiality, timeliness and accuracy.

Client Login - File Exchange

NetClient CS is a web based application which is a convenient, secure, and fast way to exchange documents between our clients and staff members.


CFO to Go

Are you concerned about fraud? Are you concerned about confidentiality? Do you desire the safeguards that outsourcing can provide? Have your financial matters become a burden you find hard to bear?

If these problems hit home with you, CFO to Go may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Our CFO to GO! service is the outsourcing of your company’s finance function, ranging from basic to high-end services – or a combination of both. CFO to Go offers you as few, or as many, of the functions you would get from hiring a full-time accountant or CFO – without actually having to hire one.


Financial Staffing

Meeting the changing needs in the accounting and bookkeeping department of your company can be an immense challenge. Boudreaux, Henderson & Company, LLP can help you meet that challenge in either of two ways – by providing temporary placement from within our staff to meet your immediate and urgent needs; or by recruiting, interviewing and recommending qualified candidates to fill the position.


Accounting Technologies

Boudreaux, Henderson & Company, LLP provides assistance with accounting and other business software to enable you and your company to maximize the benefits of your information systems. We provide technical support on various software programs.