Business Builders Workshop

As a business owner, what are the issues that keep you awake at night? Do you spend too much of your time putting out fires? Can you take a vacation and be confident your business is running smoothly? Do you want your employees to take more responsibility? Do you wonder where your business will be in five years?

If you share any of these concerns, Business Builders could be the tool you’ve been looking for to take your business to a higher level. This 12-month educational workshop series is designed to help business owners and leaders make the most of their resources and focus on building a better, more profitable business. The program features a structured curriculum, focusing on different topics during each session.

Business Builders is a think-tank, roundtable forum – a mastermind group of bright, motivated, entrepreneurial business owners who meet to share ideas, solve problems and learn proven strategies for long-term success. In short, Business Builders is a proven program that can help you build a better business.

One of the main goals of Business Builders is to help owners create a business that is worth more, while at the same time requiring less effort on the part of the owner.
This program is modeled on the best business practices of Fortune 1000 companies, and incorporates their technologies and approaches.

Business Builders is here to help business owners learn how to work ON their business instead of just working IN their business. If you’re ready to get to work on building a better business, we’re always ready to help you get started.

“Being a part of Business Builders was like having my own personal board of directors. They helped me solve many of my business problems through innovative ideas that really worked. Plus, I truly enjoyed sharing my own insights and giving input to others in the group.”

Wayne Labiche, Owner
Wayne Labiche Engineering, LLC