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Staff Information
Date Cross Reference Responsible
2/15/2014 Phone Queues - Thomson Reuters
2/13/2014 Employee Phone List
2/13/2014 Employee Phone List
Staff Disc Profiles
Date Cross Reference Responsible
6/11/2014 Cindy George - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Cindy Saintes - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Debra Boyd - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Ericka Dees - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Fran Henderson - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Garrett Pisani - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Jackie Suire - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Jenna Morel - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Joy Pisani - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Mike Abney - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Sondra Abshire - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Stephanie Greaux - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Vickie Louviere - DISC Profile
6/11/2014 Zachary Galatas - DISC Profile
Research Publications, Etc.
Date Cross Reference Responsible
12/23/2014 Document Retention Policy
2/15/2014 IRS Publication 527 - Residential Rental Property
2/15/2014 IRS Publication 946 - How to Depreciate Property
2/15/2014 LA Workforce Commission - Employer Handbook
6/11/2014 Louisiana Credits & Exemptions
6/11/2014 Louisiana Licensing Guide
6/11/2014 Sales Taxability for Transportation Associated with Sales of Tangible Personal Property
6/11/2014 Sample Report Letters for Financial Statements
6/11/2014 Vehicles with GVWRs above 6,000 Pounds


Staff Forms
Date Cross Reference Responsible
2/15/2014 Memo for Files
2/15/2014 Workpaper
12/16/2013 Billing Memo
12/18/2013 New Client Setup Sheet
12/16/2013 Expense Reimbursement Form
02/15/2014 Fax Cover Sheet
12/16/2013 Vacation / Comp Time Request Form
Individual Client Forms
Date Cross Reference Responsible
12/18/2013 Consent to Use
12/18/2013 2012 Blank Engagement Letter
2/13/2014 2013 Blank Engagement Letter
2/4/2015 2014 Blank Engagement Letter


Staff Procedures
Date Cross Reference Responsible
12/18/2013 How to track information in office without a Tickler.
11/14/2014 Sample Wording for Page 2 of Billing Memos
2/11/2015 Sample Workpaper
12/18/2013 Telephone System - Quick Reference Guides
12/18/2013 Using NetClient CS Portal
Individual Client Procedures
Date Cross Reference Responsible
12/18/2013 Amended Individual Tax Return
2/7/2017 Individual Tax Return Flow
Business Client Procedures
Date Cross Reference Responsible
12/15/2015 1099 Preparation Flow
2/7/2017 Business Tax Return Flow
2/15/2014 Engagement Letter Checklist and Sample
1/17/2014 Property Tax Reports
12/18/2013 EFTPS Payments
12/18/2013 Financial Statements Formatting
12/18/2013 Payroll Tax Returns
12/18/2013 Sales Tax Returns
12/18/2013 Tax Projections